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Have you ever been in a situation where you've needed to defend yourself or your family...and were not sure how to? Or, would your spouse or child know what to do in the same situation?

This is the website of the most dynamic Martial Arts school in Fort Wayne dedicated to showing you how to protect yourself and your family while learning traditional Martial Arts...and having fun doing it!


Most adults and children alike have no idea how to react or respond, let alone know what to do if someone grabbed, choked or hit them.

Think about it...Do you know what you would do right now if someone threatened you, your spouse or your child?

If you don't know how to defend yourself or your family, then NOW is the time to learn...not when you're faced with an attacker and unsure what to do.


We believe traditional Martial Art is the best way to learn to defend yourself, because this knowledge and skill has been passed down for centuries from people who actually used them to protect and defend their nations...and, many of these traditional techniques are used today by our modern military and police force to protect you!

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A fit, 57 year old, Master Instructor Forrest Cunningham